Connecting Artists and Communities

Connecting Artists and Communities

Gallery 164 partners with our artists to create a bridge of understanding the effects of art on various groups of people in our community. Through our artists and their work, we hope to evoke a community working to achieve a cultural identity and attract people to its uniqueness.

Art represents a wide range of emotions, chronicles history, and embodies societal values. Involving our artists, we look forward to partnerships with citizens, visitors, businesses, and organizations to assist in growing the local economy, tourism, public health, and social cohesion.

We invite you to visit the gallery, attend an artist talk, or stay updated on our activities through our website. We look forward to seeing you throughout the community.

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Gift certificates in various amounts can be purchased online. For variations or special needs, please call the gallery.


Gallery 164 will host a free public reception for local woodworker Amanda Yoder on July 5, 6-8 p.m. Amanda recently joined Gallery 164, which features functional works rooted in historical connections. The reception will be held in conjunction with Art After Dark.  Amanda’s trajectory from studying musical theatre at East

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