Daniel Garver


Originally from Madison Wisconsin, Daniel currently lives in North Carolina, where he is a long term Resident Artist (21’-24’) at the Penland School of Craft. He holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2011). Daniel was Core Fellow at the Penland school of Craft (15’-17’) and participated in a variety of residencies including the Jentel Foundation, AZ West, The Bright Angle, Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and Western New Mexico University. His work has been shown throughout the US in a variety of group and solo exhibitions.


This collection of work is all made from slipcast porcelain. The process of slipcasting utilizes plaster molds in which liquid porcelain (casting slip) is poured into the molds, and the plaster pulls the water content out of the slip forming a shell which is the resulting form, object or pot. This method was developed to readily recreate identical forms in a reliable fashion, I use the same method but have altered the process in such a way that I can construct a variety of forms from the same mold parts. This collection was been designed and constructed from a library of interchangeable plaster molds parts that can be assembled in a variety of forms which makes them all related to one another for a cohesive collection of functional ceramic pieces. Furthermore the molds were designed so that I can work into the surface of the pots by inlaying colored or black and white porcelain to compose some striking patterns.