Holly Roberts

I start all my work by painting abstractly, paintings which will then become the foundation of each image. Once I start forming the images, I select from my (bottomless)collection of materials or photographs I’ve taken to begin to tell a story. The story unfolds as I work, and is only revealed to me bit by bit. This process is much like following a trail of bread crumbs with no idea of a destination until, at long last, I arrive. What has resulted is a wide variety of images, each with their own story. Animals, people, and people as animals become the vehicles that portray complicated relationships along with the daily fears, joys, and anxieties of being alive in the world today.

My blending of subjective and objective reality generates a wide-ranging and complex interpretation of my subject matter.  Functioning almost as a visual psychoanalyst, I create images that evoke an interior state of consciousness and grapple with a subject beyond its external structure It is a process that probes other ways of knowing our world based on lived experiences. In searching for deeper meanings through my images, those images become metaphors for that which we cannot know but still sense as truths.

Snake Rider III


Dog Man Leaning


Two Face II


One Face


Old Man Walking